LabOne MATLAB Driver and Utilities
© Zurich Instruments AG

This folder contains the necessary files to perform measurements with your
Zurich Instruments device Instrument under MATLAB. It contains the following
subfolders and files:

- "README.txt", this file
- "Driver", a subfolder containing the MATLAB driver interface (MEX file)
   and a help file
- "Utils", a subfolder containing some ziDAQ-based utility functions
- "ziAddPath.m", a MATLAB function that adds the "Driver" and "Utils"
  subdirectories to MATLAB's Search Path for the current MATLAB session

* Requirements

For supported platforms and MATLAB versions please see either:
- or the LabOne Programming Manual (more information below under "Getting

* Accessing the examples

The Examples for the MATLAB API can be found in our public GitHub repository, For convenience, the examples are
also included with the installer and can be found in the "Examples" subfolder.

* Getting help

You may use "help ziDAQ" or "doc ziDAQ" in MATLAB to get more information on
the commands.

Please refer to the LabOne Programming Manual for more information, it is
available either:
- via a LabOne installation by starting the "Zurich Instruments LabOne
  App" (LabOne UI) and clicking "Documentation" in the Session
  Dialogue of the LabOne User Interface.
- or at