API for fast asynchronous operation#

group Asynchronous

Functions in this group are non-blocking, and on return only report errors that can be identified directly on a client side (e.g. not connected). Any further results (including errors like node not found) of the command processing is returned as a special event in poll data. Tags are used to match the asynchronous replies with the sent commands.


ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSetDoubleData(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, ZIDoubleData value)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSetIntegerData(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, ZIIntegerData value)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSetByteArray(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t length)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSetString(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, const char *str)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSetStringUnicode(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, const wchar_t *wstr)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncSubscribe(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, ZIAsyncTag tag)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncUnSubscribe(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, ZIAsyncTag tag)
ZIResult_enum ziAPIAsyncGetValueAsPollData(ZIConnection conn, const char *path, ZIAsyncTag tag)