Function ziAPIModGetDouble#

ZIResult_enum ziAPIModGetDouble(ZIConnection conn, ZIModuleHandle handle, const char *path, ZIDoubleData *value)#

Gets the double-type value of the specified module parameter path.

This function is used to retrieve module parameter values of type floating point double.

See also

ziAPIModGetInteger, ziApiModGetString

  • conn[in] Pointer to ZIConnection with which the value should be retrieved

  • handle[in] The ZIModuleHandle specifying the module to get the value from.

  • path[in] The path of the module parameter to get data from.

  • value[out] Pointer to an floating point double in which the value should be written


  • ZI_INFO_SUCCESS on success

  • ZI_ERROR_CONNECTION when the connection is invalid (not connected) or when a communication error occurred

  • ZI_ERROR_LENGTH if the path’s length exceeds MAX_PATH_LEN

  • ZI_ERROR_COMMAND on an incorrect answer of the server

  • ZI_ERROR_SERVER_INTERNAL if an internal error occurred in Data Server

  • ZI_WARNING_NOTFOUND if the given path could not be resolved or no value is attached to the path

  • ZI_ERROR_TIMEOUT when communication timed out

  • Other return codes may also be returned, for a detailed error message use ziAPIGetLastError.