Function ziAPIModExecute#

ZIResult_enum ziAPIModExecute(ZIConnection conn, ZIModuleHandle handle)#

Starts the module’s thread and its associated measurement task.

Once the module’s parameters has been configured as required via, e.g. ziAPIModSetDoubleData, this function starts the module’s thread. This starts the module’s main measurement task which will run asynchronously. The thread will run until either the module has completed its task or until ziAPIModFinish is called. Subscription or unsubscription is not possible while the module is executing. The status of the module can be obtained with either ziAPIModFinished or ziAPIModProgress.

  • conn[in] The ZIConnection from which the module was created.

  • handle[in] The ZIModuleHandle specifying the module to execute.


  • ZI_INFO_SUCCESS On success.

  • ZI_ERROR_CONNECTION When the connection is invalid (not connected) or when a communication error occurred.

  • ZI_ERROR_GENERAL If a general error occurred, use ziAPIGetLastError for a detailed error message.

  • Other return codes may also be returned, for a detailed error message use ziAPIGetLastError.