Function ziAPIEchoDevice#

ZIResult_enum ziAPIEchoDevice(ZIConnection conn, const char *deviceSerial)#

Sends an echo command to a device and blocks until answer is received.

This is useful to flush all buffers between API and device to enforce that further code is only executed after the device executed a previous command. Per device echo is only implemented for HF2. For other device types it is a synonym to ziAPISync, and deviceSerial parameter is ignored.

  • conn[in] Pointer to the ZIConnection that is to be synchronized

  • deviceSerial[in] The serial of the device to get the echo from, e.g., dev2100


  • ZI_INFO_SUCCESS on success

  • ZI_ERROR_TIMEOUT when communication timed out

  • Other return codes may also be returned, for a detailed error message use ziAPIGetLastError.